Time to relax

You can relax at Thermen Bad Nieuweschans. This spa has several options to offer including a thermal bath. This water is naturally so salty that you can float on it. This gives a wonderful relaxing feeling. There are several wonderful saunas and special rituals you can enjoy, step into this world of pure enjoyment. You can also go here for different treatments and massages.

Pure enjoyment at Thermen Bad Nieuweschans

The origin of wellness comes from the Far North, this can be experienced in our thermal baths where you are literally immersed in the wonderful warm water. Due to the power of nurturing minerals and the naturally salty bath water you will float to the surface without doing anything! Focus on your breathing and yourself with one of the authentic Norwegian sauna rituals and unwind.

Unwind at Van der Valk

End your day by having a delicious dinner in the restaurant of Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek and spend the night in one of our beautiful rooms. After a wonderful day of spa treatments, relaxation and healthy enjoyment at Thermen Bad Nieuweschans, you will most likely be completely zen. In addition, you will feel the beneficial effect on body and mind you may no longer feel the need to drive back home. So come and relax at Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek, we look forward to welcoming you!