Green Key

For some time now, Van der Valk Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek A7 has shown awareness of the environment and this is evident in our daily operations.

We are proud to announce that Van der Valk Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek A7 is in possession of the Green Key certification: GOLD. The Green Key is the international sustainability standard for businesses in the tourism and leisure industry, and in the market for meeting and conference venues, which show serious and verifiable corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Green Key guarantees the use of the company's property to do everything possible to minimize the pressure on the company's nature and environment. So it means being responsible with their use of energy, water, gas and showing a responsible way for waste disposal.

The criteria of the Green Key ensure that there is a good balance between sustainability on the one hand and comfort on the other.

To qualify for the Green Key, enterprises should take measures with regard to environmental protection and Corporate Social Responsibility. These measures are partly mandatory and partly optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels of certification: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

The more optional measures are fulfilled by a company, the better the certification. Our hotel has been certified GOLD since August 2013 and is therefore acknowledged as an accommodation with a visible policy for preserving our hotel, restaurant and meeting products. A beautiful and the highest results. Both during internal operation and in the choice of suppliers, we keep a close account of our social responsibility. As a classified accommodation, our hotel is constantly working to further develop our products and to make our sustainability even better.

Want to know which standards our hotel meets? Please see for details.