Corporate Social Responsibility

Van der Valk Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek A7 meets the following agreements:

  • We actively contribute to the development of our field and the transfer of our knowledge to others who want to learn the trade.
  • We inform our relationships (customer / client, enjoyed box and suppliers) about our CSR.
  • We make clear agreements with the customer / client and / or suppliers about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we deliver.
  • We determine the social impact of our services and limit them as much as possible as far as the negative impact such as fraud, intimidation, exploitation and child labor.
  • We monitor the continuity of our company as an employer and we take care precautions in case we have to deal with loss of income.
  • We provide a voluntary contribution to social causes through donations and sponsorship or volunteering. We contribute to art and culture through the provision of space for exhibitions and take part in the administrative foundations for art and culture.
  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our business.
  • We continuously work on improving our own procurement process when it comes to purchasing (office) materials and services with an environmental and / or social labeling. This includes the purchase of Food & Beverage products.