Come see!

Within a 15-minute drive from our Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek you can enjoy, for example, a cabaret, musical or theater performance. After a delicious extensive breakfast buffet, you can start the day energetically and set off on a tour of the surroundings. The Kielzog theater was founded to give amateur companies a stage. But nowadays there are almost 70 professional performances on the program per season, such as Ernst Daniël Smid, Iris Kroes, Dribbel and Arno van der Heyden.

The Stadsschouwburg Oosterpoort in Groningen has several performances, including Derek Ogilvie, Youp van 't Hek, Ali B, Paulien Cornelisse and Frank Sinatra take.

If you prefer to go to the movies, that's no problem here. In Hoogezand you will find a JT cinema and in Groningen there is a Mustsee and a Pathé cinema, among others. After a day in Groningen and its surroundings, it is great to relax and be entertained by a chosen movie on the screen. Drive back to Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek and spend the night in one of our beautifully renovated comfort or superiour rooms. We look forward to seeing you there!