Out and about with the kids

Near our hotel there are several places where children can have a great time, so go out and about with the kids. We summed up several options to go to:

Tenaxx Estate in Wedde. A large park with lifelike dinosaurs that you can hunt, just look at it and learn about it. In the park you can enjoy walking, rowing and various activities both for the very young and the slightly older kids. Definitely worth a visit.

The Doing Museum in Veendam Exactly as the name suggests, a museum where you can look at art and do all kinds of things, such as build things with Lego, paint or spray graffiti, play with Traptrekkers skippyballs and for the little ones there is a toddler area. For the "older children" there is the opportunity to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or lunch and there are books and magazines available.

Ballorig in Hoogezand and Monkeytown in Groningen, both an indoor play area for toddlers. It is also open to slightly older children where they can expend their energy.

Zeehonden crèche Pieterburen, who doesn't know it, here you can get a daily tour, wander around by yourself and learn all kinds of things about seals. Recently there is also a park outside where you can walk around or just sit quietly. A visit to this is also great in combination with:

Insect World Doezoo in Leens in a zoo that specializes in all kinds of insects and animals that eat insects. In the park you can not only see the animals but there are regular opportunities to pet a skunk or hold a spider or snake, for example. There are also certain days during the week when children can bake insects, for example.

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