Delfzijl is a nice city to go too!

The city of Delfzijl is a city of the Eemsdelta municipality in the province of Groningen. Delfzijl is less than 30 minutes from Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek. Delfzijl also has its own port which has been very important for shipping in the history of the Netherlands (just like Eemshaven 20 kilometers away). So is Delfzijl a nice city? Quickly discover why!

Delfzijl is centrally located

Delfzijl is a port city on the Wadden Sea where you can even see Germany from the dike, therefore Delfzijl is centrally located and a place to definitely explore. The city (and its port) still has one of Groningen's most important connections to the Wadden Sea. Delfzijl is the most important port in the northern Netherlands and is located near the German river the Ems.

Delfzijl is a special port city

The port of Delfzijl is one of two Groningen seaports that together with Eemshaven comprise the public body, also known as the Delfzijl Port Authority. Groningen Seaports has been the manager of the two seaports since 1958. Did you know that the Oud-West neighborhood in Delfzijl was built in the style of the Amsterdam School? This is a modern architectural style characterized by expressive forms, like the Oosterkerk in Groningen.

Museum for children in Delfzijl

If you have had enough in the port of Delfzijl and are looking for a fun museum to visit with the kids, the Muzeeaquarium is recommended. This natural and cultural-historical museum is known for its aquarium that displays fish and other sea creatures from the North Sea and Wadden Sea. For both young and old, this museum is accessible every day of the week from 10:00 to 17:00. Dogs aren't allowed due to the live animals in the aquarium.

Day out in Delfzijl

After a day in the lovely city of Delfzijl and discovering its history, you will be back at Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek in no time. We like to take care of you so feel free to take a seat in our hotel bar or let us surprise you in the restaurant. Van der Valk Hotel Groningen-Zuidbroek is perfect for a night or weekend away for you alone or with your company/family. Book your room or make a reservation in our restaurant, we look forward to seeing you!