Take-away salads

Throughout the year we offer the possibility of take-away salads. Please order well in advance at the reception. Prices are per person.

Russian salad € 8.00
Russian egg € 8.50
Pink salmon salad € 9.50
Shrimp salad € 10.50
Hors d'oeuvre meet € 9.50
Hors d'oeuvre fish € 9.50
Hors d'oeuvre select € 15.50
Vegetarian salads € 8.00

With all salads, we serve baguette and some cold sauces.

Pick-up address:
Van der Valk Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek A7
Burg. Omtaweg 4
9636 EM Zuidbroek
Tel: 0598-453787
Fax: 0598-453932

Please ask the reception for possibiliities of take-away salads during the holidays: 0598-453787

Custom Catering: 

We can also provide custom catering. There are several possibilities that we would like to discuss with you. To do so, please contact our Banqueting & Sales department.