Van der Valk ‘eaters of the world’ children menu

Children are very welcome at Van der Valk. Especially for our younger guests we have selected a special menu called ‘Van der Valk eaters of the world’. The dishes are adventurous, responsible and surprisingly tasty.

With the ‘Van der Valk eaters of the world’ menu we encourage children to choose something different than the standard kids menu. We introduce them to different dishes that are eaten by children all over the world. Our mascot, Timo Toekan, takes the kids on a journey to countries such as: Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii and of course the Netherlands. With every different menu Timo Toekan tells facts and interesting stories about the dishes. Every 6 months we change the menu with new countries, facts and dishes.

Please take time to have a look at our ‘eaters of the world’ children menu: